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Chet Baker - Jazz á la Grand Place (1985)
Fragment of a concert by the Chet Baker Trio recorded live at the Brussels Jazz Club in 1985. This TV program was entitled "Jazz à la Grand Place". Chet Baker - trumpet, vocals: Philip Catherine - guitar; Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - bass.


Dernière Nuit au Travers

Created in 1978, the TRAVERS music theatre was an absolute institution for Brussels music lovers, whether it be in jazz, blues, vocal, instrumental or undefinable. With its 6,000 concerts, n° 11 Rue Traversière in Saint-Josse was more than a club; it was a musical laboratory, a place of encounters and discovery where ideas flourished for more than 30 years.

Placebo Live In Bruxelles (Belgium, 12th april 1973)
This is an extract from the 55 minutes documentary "Three Days In April" regarding jazz in Belgium


Bobby Jaspar
It could happen to you



René Thomas trio live RTBF


Jack Sels (1922-1970). The legendary Antwerp jazz tenors saxophonist playing with Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet) and other American jazz musicians, on a concert he organised in 1952 (?) at the New port Jazz Festival. (Brussels or Antwerp) /Short version/ BRT archive.

Charles Remue and his New Stompers Orchestra was een Belgische jazzband uit Brussel die erg succesvol was in 1927 en dat jaar in Londen de eerste Belgische jazzplaat maakte. Het orkest was amper een jaar samen, toen de band ontbonden werd en Charles Remue vertrok om de Savoy Orpheans te gaan versterken. Charles Remue (klarinet, altsaxofoon, bandleider) Harry Belein (drum) Stan Brenders (piano) Alphonse Cox (kornet) Gaston Frederic (klarinet, tenorsaxofoon) Remy Glorieux (koperblazer) Henri Léonard (trombone)
Charles Remue and his New Stompers Orchestra was a Belgian jazz band from Brussels that was very successful in 1927 and made the first Belgian jazz record in London that year. The orchestra had been together for barely a year, when the band disbanded and Charles Remue left to join the Savoy Orpheans.



Sadi et son Vibraphone * Chez moi * 1957


1976 Chet Baker, Jacques Pelzer , Amedeo Tommasi, Giovanni Tommaso, Bruno Biriaco


Big Names At Belgian Jazz Festival (1964)

Comblain La Tour, Belgium

At open air jazz festival the rain starts to fall and the umbrellas start to go up. People arriving and as they pass through gate they are given a tag to wear around their wrist. Various jazz musicans on stage at night. VS. Polish Jazz star Zbigniev Namyslovski with his group on stage playing S.O.F. MS. Memphis Slim at the piano and singing. VS. Belgian flutist Jacques Pelzer and his trio.

Uncle Sax : The Life And Jazz Of Jack Sels (documentary)
The Antwerp saxophone player who died at the mere age of 48 in 1970, remains Belgium's most mythical jazz musician, both to those who knew him during his lifetime and those who only know him from the stories - and there are quite some stories to be told about Jack Sels.



Charles Remue and his New Stompers Orchestra, Doctor Jazz. Edison Bell Electron. London 1927

Peter Packay, 8 Bars In Search Of a Melody. Belgium 1936



Bob Shots

Jean Bourguignon (tp), Bobby Jaspar (ts), Jacques Pelzer (as), Francy Boland (p), Sadi (vb,vo), Georges Leclercq (b), John Ward (ds) Album:" Bobby Jaspar / Early Years: From Be-bop To Cool "

Jazz in Little Belgium





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